Artist’s Research #3: Shifally Rattan

Shifally Rattan is a 3d character artist that works as an outsourcing character artist at The Coalition, Microsoft. She has worked in games like Gears of War 4 creating the hair of the characters using Joe Alter’s “Shave and Hair cut”, Photoshop, Maya and Unreal Engine. Her results, although are not as realistic as Yibing Jiang’s hair in Uncharted 4, are still incredibly and her images examples are great to know how hair cards work on characters to do all types of hair only with polygonal planes. I will be checking the programmes used in order to get a bigger understanding on the creation of hair for videogames and I will keep Shifally’s images of hair as an example of hair cards distribution and uses.


ArtStation (n.d.) Gears of War 4 Hair, Shifally . [Online]. ArtStation. Available from: < > [Accessed 10 April 2017].

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