Artist’s Research #4: Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly is a 3D modeller and visual effects’s artist that has worked in several companies that creates cinematics for videogames and FX for films and series. Among the game projects in which he has been involved are Call of duty Ghost, ScaleBound, Shadows of Mordor, Destiny, Gears of war 4, Star Wars the Old Republic, Rainbowsix Siege and Atlas reactor. While his models are not used in videogames, his skill with highpoly modelling is incredible. He also has worked doing the expresions of the characters in several projects like in the Call of Duty: Ghost or Gears of war 4 cinematic. He also has worked on films and TV series like Ant-man, flash or Supergirl which let me notice other possible paths my knowledge of 3D may open in my future career. It also let me see that there is more than one way of be a character modeller and work for videogames industry apart from creating playable characters. Above all, I am interested in his use and creation of highpoly models and the facial expressions that as able to use in their characters.

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