Final Project Preproduction #16

I have continued my hair tests following the instruction of a video to make long hair for videogames using Maya nCloth to set them in position.

I tried it using the ponytale base to adapt the shape to its surface, never the less it didn’t work very well. I had to turn the whole group in order to place each strip. I also noticed that all the hair strips should start in the base of the ponytail due to the transparency of the texture and being the hair cut in the base leaving a visible edge. Therefore, all the work I did till the moment was almost useless because the length of the planes were too short and in order to make it longer I should repeat the UVs.

I have found a plugin that seems interesting named GMH2.6, It seems that helps in the creation of polygonal hair by having a supporting system that use nHair from Maya to create hair strips with different modifiers and bake the result on texture maps.


Cannedmushrooms (n.d.) 0204 Maya (Character Development ) Hair 4 [Online video]. Available from: < > [Accessed 15 April 2017].
GMH2 (n.d.) Thunder Cloud Studio [Online blog]. Available from: < > [Accessed 15 April 2017].

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