Artist’s Research #5: Furio Tedeschi

Furio Tedeschi is a CG artist that center his work on concept art and modelling. He has worked to companies like Mcfarlane Toys, Gameloft, Digital Extremes, Blur studios, WB Games Montreal, EA Bioware Montreal and Paramount Pictures. He has worked in games like Dungeon Hunter 4, WarFrame and Mass Effect Andromeda among others. He has also worked for films like Transformer 5.

He is an incredible concept artist that creates amazing creatures and robots. His designs are very original and tend to use organic shapes or be based on anatomy studies. He is able to do gorgeous 2d and 3d concepts and also work as game modeller creating some models like the ones used in Mass effect Andromeda. I am interested above all in its style and aesthetic of his concepts as well and in the detail, diferent textures and resources he has in the modelling of alien or demonic creatures.
I will try to emulate the textures he uses in his models and adapt some hos the shapes and ideas to my own concepts. Is very helpful because his style is very similar of what we want for our own project.

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