Final Project Preproduction #18

As I get stuck in the hair process I decided to move on to the material part of my research and try to continue the hair research later.

I looked for several textures on Google images and on Pìnterest in order to create the mask’s material.

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My main idea is to create a semitransparent material that looks like gelatin but that contain a slimy and shiny material inside of it. So I take the texture I like the most and followed a videotutorial in order to make it tileable. First I used offset tool to move the seams and the spot healing brush and patch tool to fill the surface with other image information.


When I finished the tiling process, in order to create some texture maps I found a programme, PixPlant, that creates all the necessary maps from an image being capable of tweaking the results from the parameters inside the programme to get the desired result. Then I exported the maps to a folder and imported them to Unreal.

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In order to test the material I put in the scenary a SM_Mat PreviewMesh  to apply to it the material. Then I created a new material and open the material editor. I moved in all the maps and started playing with the nodes connections. In order to achieve the Fresnel effect and the transparent effect I followed this tutorial that explains how to create several types of materials.

I started testing the Fresnel effects on different maps like the emission map. It looked very nice with the ambient light due to the high light on the borders of the material but when I tried it in the darkness the emissive effect took place and that wasn’t what I want so I delete the whole node. I tested the different values of the transparency channel’s variables in order to get the look of a lumpy gelatine but I am still in the process of getting what I want. I will keep experimenting and researching till I get what I want.


Resurrection 21 (n.d.) Beginners Tutorial – Materials – Unreal Engine 4 [Online video]. Available from: < > [Accessed 19 April 2017].
PixPlant (n.d.) PixPlant: Great Textures, Quickly [Online]. PixPlant. Available from: < > [Accessed 19 April 2017].

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