Final Project Preproduction #19

I have started the layout of the preproduction document, I need to have it ready before the 24th as Nandor has to gather all the members’ preproduction documents and merge them into one document.

I also have spent a bit more of time looking for information of the GMH2.6 pluging and in the Facebook site of thunder cloud, that is the owner of the script, I found a video tutorial of the process that finally make me understand how this plugin works. Basically, this plugin has two parts first, as i was doing, you can create the hair texture with all the maps and second it helps you to create a series of polygon strips over another object surface. After that the baked maps can be transformed into a material and applied to those strips. Then you would be able to export this strips as an OBJ or FBX in order to place it on a game engine. In the process was necessary the use of Marmorset in order to tweak the result and see if was necessary to start again to get thicker locks or increase or reduce the section of the hair strings. I had to repeat the process several times as all this problems happened to me and also I had to make a third map with a very dense hair strip to avoid the transparency of the interior of the ponytail and applying it to a core ponytail system of planes.


GMH2 Live Stream – Polygon Hair Style Creating & Baking with GMH2.6 (n.d.) Thunder Cloud Studio [Online blog]. Available from: < > [Accessed 21 April 2017].

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