Project Development 01

I have started the alien minion model trying a different way, blocking out the base shape of the torso using the insert cylinder brush instead of starting from a Sphear. In this way I am able to put volume quicker and at the same time constructing the general shape.

When I had enough volume I used Dynamesh to combine all the cylinders into one mesh and used Deformation>Inflate, smooth and clay build up brush to get a more even shape. Once done this, continue my normal process using the move bbrush, masking and build up brush to bring closer the shape to the concept art reference.

I found useful to import the concept as a texture and use spotlight to have the reference image on the zbrush window.

Then I blocked out the base of the skull using spheres this time. I found that is more controlable to use sphears than cylinders to block out the shape. Then I followed the same process as with the torso to get a shape similar to the reference.

Placing cilinders I created the jaws of the creature and then, using Dynamesh and the move, smooth and build up brushes I gave it shape. I first model them with the mout closed to get the proportions correctly before opening its mouth as is necesary that the model have the mouth opened to work with it with Dynames and also to retopologize it later. Using Dam standard brush and clay build up I defined the head’s shapes better.

With the curve Tube brush I created the base of the arms and legs, after thatr I modeled their shape keeping in mind human anatomy and the concept. In order to create the fingers I used the insert cylinder tool and then using masking and the transpose tool to rotate and curve their shape. I copied and placed each finger in its position.

Having all the shapes of the body more or less defined, I expent a long time trying to get the volume, shapes and definition similar to the reference. When finally I was Happy wit the result I merged the body, the head and the arms and used DynaMesh to create only one mesh.

As I had only one mesh I was able to define better the shapes with claybuild up and the move brush. Using masking and the rtranspose tool I tryied to get the proper length of the arms and legs. In general I have been strugling with the proportions.

In order to get better the body shapes I started to add the different elements as horns, bones and nails to shape better the skin and understand better the volume of the model. In order to quickly get a volume I used Insert cylinder or sphear and the using Split Unmasked Points to create a new subtool from it. During all the process I have been using symetry or using mirror and weld to create it in order to have the same elements in both sides of the model.


Mold3D Channel (n.d.) Working with Reference images in Zbrush [Online video]. Available from: < > [Accessed 1 June 2017].

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