Project Development 02

I continued and finished the base modelling of the model by creating the rest of the diferent elements like the vertebral spine, fangs and horns. In order to create a more plaussible spine I copied and heavily modified each vertebra to get the shape transition that the spine has along it in human anatomy. In order to create the nails I used the insert sphear, split it to a new subtool and using the trim curve tool and Dynamesh I cut it in half keeping only one side. then using the move brush I gave it shape.

As the concept did not have to defined the shape of the jaws decided to shape without taking into account the reference. Nevertheless, finally I decided that In order to keep the spirit of the concept I should give atleast a similar shape and then puting a bit more of detail. In this process I struggled quite a lot with the jaws positioning and proportions due to the lack of fixed pivot points that Zbrush has having to repeat the process several times. Once I had the proportions and  and positioned them with the mouth, I merged them with the body and used Dynamesh to create one only mesh for the body so it can deform properly when it will be animated. In order to do this I put the hard surfaces (like nails, horns,  etc. that dont have to be deformed separated from the main body.

to finish the mout, Using a Cilinder and the move tool I give it shape  to extract the surface of the membranes between the jaws/ In order to do it I masked the area and used stract setting the thickness of the straction in the tool options. Then I remesh it and using the smooth tool and the move tool I gave it shape. Then I merged it with the rest of the body and used Dynames to create one mesh.

Using claybuild up I created a better transitiong between the body and the diferent elements creating a more organic shape on the skin. Using masks and different brushes like move I created holes and diferent details on the skin.

Finally, I gave the body the big details that cause to much deformation like big wrinkles, big holes and details. As I didnt like the lack of organic look of the rib cage I also tried to give it a more organic shape creating a net of muscles and wrinkles on it, then to define better the shape of the ribs i used the deflate brush to push the space between the ribs and using the smooth to give a more polished surface so it can shine better after applying textures.


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