Project Development 05

I organized the elements by groups in a way that have separation between them and the surfaces were not touching each other so I could make the retopology easier to handle. I exported the high polygon models reducing the divisions to 5 and reducing the number of polygons with the decimation master plugin in Zbrush getting an easier to handle model for retopology, in that way I will reduce the resource needed to work with it by the retopology programme allowing me to work faster. I did the same for each group of elements exporting a high poly model and a low poly model, so I can use the high poly as a reference and reuse parts of the low poly models by deleting planes or edge loops to reduce the polycount.

After looking the result of the low body model I decided not to use the low poly model of it and start from 0 as I think it would be easier to get a proper model.

I wanted to use topogun for the retopology of this project because I read in specialized forums that it was very good software to retopologize organic models. I look for some tutorials that explain how to use it and expend some time practicing and understanding the programme.


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