Project Development 06

With the minon’s modeling done and the high and low poly exported as obj I started the retopology process. I started working with the body. I imported the high poly model in Topogun as a reference model and the started to create polygons around the lips to make the proper loops of the mouth. I worked only in half of the body due to an option that allows making it symmetrical to reduce the work load. From there I started to expand the polygonal surface to the inner part of the four jaws that surround the mouth thinking in how they should move and deform creating loops in the membranes to be properly deformed. I expanded the topology to the inner part of the mouth, to the neck, and to the rest of the face creating the jaws, the plates over the head and holes of the glands that are on the side of the head.

I found Topogun very interesting and easy to use, with good and useful tools like symmetry, centre vertex, and the usual create vertex, move,… but I like the most is the how smooth the program goes even with a very high poly mesh as reference, allowing to work faster and without having to wait, thing that I didn’t like of Maya that was very computer resource consuming.

I have finished the head by creating the horns of the back of the head. During this process I tried to not make edge pools of more than five edges as it makes that one vertex controls a very huge amount of surface making look odd when deformed. I avoid also making triangles and never doing n-gones, having to redirect topology in other direction if needed to avoid them. I also have into account the volume edges that conform the silhouette of the model, the edge flow and the directionality of the model surface so the final result of the low poly model look good.

After finishing the head I continued by creating the sections between limbs articulations and fingers by using a very interesting tool, the tube tool, that creates automatically loops on the surface taking as a guide the section lines draw on the reference model. It is not perfect and you can’t move the camera till you finish the projection or the lines will move with it but, the result is quite good. Then, I moved the vertices as I wanted to adapt them to a more proper topology.

Then I continued by connecting those surfaces starting with the legs and creating the foot. I made the proper loops for the articulation of the toes and the bend of the foot and ankle. Then I increased the density by dividing the current loops and using the relax brush to redistribute them on the surface.

In the same way I did the hands of the big and little arm, but in these cases I tried to create a more topology in the knuckles to maintain the shape of them when deform. In the big arm I also tried to follow the muscle shapes having some troubles with the isles’ connection but solving them with a bit of time. I also did the topology in the shoulder and wrist of the holes of the horns and plates to maintain the shape when deformed. I don’t know if I should do this or create a more even surface so I have decided to try to make the topology in this model and not doing it in the leader’s one so I can test and see which option is better for future projects. I am a bit afraid that I will have problems with the deformation of the shoulder in both cases as having solid objects on articulations seems not to be a very good idea. In order to have a reference to do the topology of the shoulder and hands I used the videos tutorials about topology done by Jonathan Williamson and adapt them to my model.

I started to connect the leg with the little arm by creating the abdomen, thorax and back and expanding the back to create the tail. In the same way, I expanded the shoulder to create the back with its horn hole.

I still have to make the part that connects the neck with the chest and shoulder, finish part of the abdomen and seal the hole in the interior of the throat.


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