Project Development 08

I continued the retopology by creating the topology for the teeth, gums and horns. For the teeth, I used the low poly model deleting the top and lower caps of each cone. Then, selecting edge loop by edge loop and deleting them I reduced the density till have around 6 to 8 polygons for the section of the teeth, and reducing the number of edge loops in the length of the fang depending on the thickness and length of the teeth. For the bigger ones in the back of the mouth I put more to not lose so much the shape of the high poly reference. Then I closed the shape making a pool in the tip of the fangs and closing the shape in the bottom with quads.
For the gums it was quite easy and quick to do the retopology as Zbrush did almost all the work. I had just to reduce the polycount deleting edge loops and fixing minor issues. On the contrary, the horns were quite difficult to adapt the low poly mesh as it had a lot of spiralling and topology problems. First, I deleted the bottom cap of the horns and the top of each pointy bone so I have an open mesh to deal with the edge loops, then I started to modify the mesh by deleting edges, correcting edge flows and  fixing existing spiralling to have proper loops. Then, when I was happy with the topology I started to close the open holes by making a pool in the pointy parts of the bones and with the minimal number of polygons for the bottom part as they are not going to be seen. This process was very time-consuming as cleaning all this irregular shapes was quite difficult and complex having some times to redo complete sections.


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