Project Development 09

I have finally finished the topology of the minion model by doing the topology of the spine and fixing the body articulations.

In order to do easier the spine I divided it in three parts each one of them with a separation of two vertebras between each other to have enough space to work comfortably. Due to the complex shapes the vertebras had I had to start from scratch the retopology. As the vertebras had a more or less cylindrical shape and the bottom part wasn’t to be seen, I started doing the more irregular top part from the outside to the inner side of the symmetry plane. When I had properly done the top and more irregular part Y started to close the side of the cylinder with the fewer polygons possible and to close the cylinder I created a square loop of 2 by 2 that contained four polygons  and distribute their outer vertex among the existing vertex of the vertebra body in a way that, if needed, I could easily divide the polygons to allow a bigger number of edges, the important thing here is that the top and bottom part must match in number of polygons so the grid fits properly. The lateral vertex number doesn0t matter because it will connect its symmetry. After connecting the vertex the relax brush can be used to relax the vertices but is more effective and quicker if yo do the symmetry first as you will not have to move back to the centre plane the moved vertices.
Due to the complexity and the different shape of each vertebra the whole process took me almost 3 days to do it. I don’t think I will do so complex characters in the future because making the topology of each part took a lot of time and some parts may be integrated in the same body mesh like the nails and make the gum and teeth together.

Finally, modifying the articulations using the advice that my group mate Robert told me. I put  triangles in the sides of the legs articulations to avoid collapsing and retain the model volume as showing in the next example:

I also put the same topology I had in the big hand’s knuckles to the little hand so it deforms properly and keeps the shape of the knuckles. I also, prepared the edge lops I wanted to cut for the UVs so they were as hide as possible.



Limb Topology – Polycount (n.d.) [Online]. Available from: < > [Accessed 20 June 2017].

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