Project Development 10

In order to do the UVs I have discovered a plugin named Roadkill that allows speeding up the process of creating the UVs by giving instant feedback when cutting and separating pieces, unfolding automatically the mesh allowing going back and forth quicker and get better results. Nevertheless, the edge selection is quite uncomfortable as it doesn’t have edge loop selection and you have to pick edges one by one. Its unfold is not as powerful as Maya’s but I have solved this problem by exporting it to Maya once I cut all the UVs and Unfolded there. Of course, as always, I had problems with the non-manifold planes and vertices that I had to solve by using the cleanup tool and deleting the problematic planes and vertices. After that, Maya allowed me to unfold the UVs.

The body was the most complex and time-consuming of all the elements to make the UVs, due to its size and the several parts I wanted to cut it. In the last tutorial, Neil told me that I should use UDIMs to increase the resolution of the textures. I have never used UDIMs before doing everything in the same texture but I will try to do as Neil told me to learn a new method. Therefore, I wanted to cut the body in several parts, chest, arms, head and legs and put each one in a different UV tile. I used 8 UV tiles distributing the other element meshes to fill the empty spaces that the body parts leaved. I also took into account the necessity of having different materials for elements that were going to touch like the teeth, the gums and the tongue, so I can paint them easily once in substance.


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