Management of the Project 01

As I have finished the first part of the project that was creating the minion model, I will do this post in order to talk about how it is going with regard the planned schedule. I have completed the minion character modelling on time doing it in Zbrush, maybe I could save some time by not doing so much detail I don’t know if, for example, the resolution of the textures will allow to see the pores of the model. Nevertheless, I have done it in order to see the results. The part of retopologizing has taken more time than considered but it happened me in past projects. The thing is that depends on the complexity of the model. Also, I had to learn how to use a new programme, Topogun, so it took me even longer. I’m like 4 days behind of schedule already, nevertheless I have 2 weeks at the end in order to tweak things and finish tasks, so I am not very worried by the moment.


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