Games Forefront – ZBrush 4R8

For some time now Zbrush has been an essential tool used from the 3d games with a cartoonish aesthetic like league of legends to the most advanced and realistic games like doom. In it release in 1999 it changed the way people worked and the quality of their models, from having to build a character or a prop poly by poly to directly sculpting like the mesh would be clay. Pixologic with Zbrush has been always on the forefront of the sculpting software becoming the most used programe in video games’ industry along with others Computer Graphics based industries and more recently 3D printing and jewelry.

Recently, the 13th of June, pixologic released its new zbrush version 4R8  including incredible new features but also others tools that has been expected since long ago, making it one of the most anticipated programmes releases in all computer graphic industries.

This new characteristics can basically be summarized in five new tools that can be combined to allow the artists get incredible results in a matter of seconds. This new features are the Gizmo 3D, Live Boolean, Array mesh, VDM (vector displacement mesh) and the deformers tools.

The new Gizmo is a new manipulator that came as a substitute of the old transpose line, it gives a more traditional approach to the manipulator. It can be move around the model and create a new pivot point with ease and allows customization of the tool for cover the artist necessities. It also includes an exclusive bar menu with eight tools including the deformers. The deformers included by the moment are lattice, bend curve, extender and Bend arc that allow the deformation of the object in several and incredible ways saving time to the artist to get this results that in some cases would be almost impossible to get. The Array mesh allows repeating the model in a certain pattern to get new results and be more precise with elements like hard surfaces or mechanical models. This meshes can be used along with the new Live Boolean system that allows to have a live preview of the result of the Boolean process, allowing to unite, subtract or intersect, an tweak the elements with automatic feedback to achive complex shapes, preserving the topology in a non-destructive way and being able to modify the models with this preview active allowing more control in the results.

Finally, the new VDM will allow to crate precreated topologogy using the brush and stroke settings to apply it on the mesh or combine it with the gizmo position to easily change between VDMs to see different results.

I find that the best of this tools is that can be combined easily to get incredible results, speed up the modeling process and make the programme more user friendly. I can see myself using this new features in the process like the deformers to tweak the characters looking and was something I would like to have in the development of my project in order to achieve better results. Also the capability of transferring textures and volumes that allows the new lives Boolean combined with the VDMs would allowed me make my aliens models more detailed in less time. I am very eager to try this new release and see what can I achieve whit these incredible new tools.



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Pixologic (n.d.) ZBrush 4R8 World Premiere [Online video]. Available from: < >.[Accessed 25 June 2017]

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