Management of the Project 02

I decided to change the order of my planning guideline in order to have both models at the same development level  and probably work faster in that way, avoiding repeating issues and remember processes with ease. Nevertheless, this has made my schedule harder to follow as I have moved dates around.
I have finished the modeling and retopologizing process for the alien leader as well as the UVs-

If I don’t count the days that will take to paint the minion I am on schedule, I think painting the textures and baking the maps will take me less than half I planned (1 week) so if wee sum up the minion and leader painting and baking I will be able to get a full week from those tasks and therefore, be on schedule.

I think I should have reduced the complexity of the models or the number of elements for each character, modelling each, horn, tooth and nail take me a lot of time. I will try to work in future projects with more compact models that have more elements in the same base mesh.


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