Project Development 19

I have being testing the textures made in substance painter in unreal finding some compatibility problems in them as the colours have changed a bit being darker and paler in Unreal tan in substance. In order to fix this I had to tweak the textures in Phosothop increasing the contrast and lighting of the images.

I have also painted the textures for the mask and the tubes. I had to separate the element from the rest of the mesh in order to bake the AOs maps correctly but maintaining the same UV position. Therefore, I had to merge both textures the one I have just did of the tube with the one that had the tube originally.
Then I tested the textures in Unreal and created a material for the mas that look like jelly. I tried to do it by myself but I found that my lack of knowledge about unreal materials did not allow me to get the result I wanted. I will try to ask Lee if he can give me some advice in order to improve the material in the next tutoring session.
As today I haven’t feel good, I started looking rigging tutorials in order to keep working on the project.


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