Project Development 24

In order to create the hair, Ryan shared with me a tutorial session he had with Adam Skutt. In the tutorial he shows his workflow to create hair for AAA video games using Maya’s Xgen to create the textures and then applying them to the cards giving some advice on how to place them.

During the hair creation I had some problems with Maya as the hair stop being displayed if my camera was too close to the hair, I had to work from a far distance in order to have some feedback on what I was doing. I also had problems with the density map mask of the hair applied to the plane generator of hair as it was looking very edgy, like pixelated. I solved this problem by increasing the resolution of the map from 10 to 50. I finished the creation of all the hair locks placing them as said in the tutorial in order to be rendered using Arnold.


Hair Creation & Styling for Games (n.d.) [Online]. Available from: < > [Accessed 29 July 2017].

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