Project Development 27

With both character’s rigs done I started to do the animations starting with the most basic ones, the idle and the attack and then looking for some tutorials in order to do properly the running and walk cycle. I did one animation per day to save time as I am running out of it. I had problems again with the head, I discovered that I was keying thehiddenn controller I made to fix the problem I had with the head not following the movement of the body. In order to fix this problem I unselected this controller each time I do a key and it worked just fine.

When I finished my first animation, Ryan recommended me to use references inside of may in order to create the different animations with referenced to the same original file. I followed the next tutorial in order to do so and started using this methofology from that moment but keeping the animation I already created in order to save time.



James Thompson (n.d.) 66 – Referencing Rig Files (Cartoon Character Rigging Series) [Online video]. Available from: < > [Accessed 12 August 2017].

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