Project Development 28

With both characters animated I moved on in order to create the assets I had in my planned schedule, the cut arm and the dead body of the minion, as well as create different textures for the minion using different colour variation.

In order to create the cut arm I decided to reuse the minion model extracting a part of the arm and filling the gap with polygons. I used a cylinder in order to give some geometry for the bone and then I filled the gap using extrusion and bridge in order to close the mesh.

For the textures of this arm I exported and baked the model in substance and painted the new part of the section of the arm and the bone and another textures with alpha in order to put blood on the reused texture of the aliens body.

For the creation of the dead body I used the rigged model and posed it as it was dead. I had a lot of problems due to the complexity of the pose and the deformation that the articulation had done to this extreme pose. I used the same textures as the original as I imagine that decals can be used inside the game to put different blood patterns on different bodies.


In order to create different textures that add a different palette for the minion I opened the original minion’s substance project and started to make modifications changing layers, colours and adding new ones to control the saturation and hue. I exported the textures and set all the assets I have in unreal creating a master material in order to create all the basic materials for all the assets. I migrated the material I did for the mask in the old unreal project file and I borrowed the material Ryan made for his hair in order to modify it to use it in my leader model.




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