Reflection – Learning Outcomes

I planned this project in a way that I could learn the whole process of a character creation, from concepting to animating, going through all the in between steps like modeling, UV maping, texturing, shading and rigging as well as setting all the assets in unreal to have them ready to use in an game engine. Doing this, I have been able to get feedback in order to improve my own character designs and models by, for example, trying to avoid hard surfaces like horns or holes on articulations, creating a proper meshes to avoid deformation or taking into account the limbs’ movement in order to design the character body.  It also allow me to improve my skills in programs that I alredy used in my workflow like Zbrush, Maya and Unreal and add  new ones like Topogun, Road kill or xNormals. I also Used new forefront techniques like using Mayas’s Xgen in order to create high quality Hair textures following the workflow of a professional character artist as Adam Skutt who worked in AAA games projects like The Order 1886 or Uncharted 4.

I have also learn a lot by trial and error, like knowing that UDIMs can’t be used in unreal projects by the moment and finding solutions by using different materials and overlaying UVs in order to get more resolution in the textures. I also had to experiment with materials in Unreal for, for example, creating the translucent mask material that I wanted to look like gelatin, having to tweak the settings in order to get a realistic looking of the material.

The project also allowed me to be more aware about the game industry planning and schedule constraints and improve time management of the projects as well as reduce procrastination  and have stress, demotivation and depression under control.

Working as a group also allowed me to experience how would feel working in a real game project and give me opportunities to had good and quick feedback of my work in order to improve it with ease as well as having help if something went wrong or I got stuck in any process. It also allowed me to help others sharing my opinion, resources and ideas in order to improve the overall project.

Finally, I think I have learn a lot during this course as I started knowing very little about game production but, It has been during the last three months where I feel I have learnt the most thanks to tutorial feedback and group support, having enough time to improve and work on a big project and researching about the forefront techniques and apply them to my work improving drastically my workflow and skills.


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