Project Development 29

I have started the production of the promotional video. I met with Harry Kontaxis so he can help me to record some footage with a camera borrowed from the university. We spent all the morning recording scenes of me walking down stairs, siting on different places of the university and working on the PC. I also recorded myself working with the computer using a tripod back in home.

I have also wrote a script and recorded a speech creating several short files as was difficult to me to do all it at once. I will be using this as a background speech of my video as I couldn’t speak directly to the camera and also because I think in this way it would look more professional.

I have been editing the video and created new footage within the computer recording the screen using Icecream Screen Recorder.

I also used a free common’s song created byAlexey Anisimov called Electronic Presentation as a background of my video and speech.


Screen Recorder: Record Screen or Make Screenshots Free – Icecream Apps (n.d.) [Online]. Available from: < > [Accessed 17 August 2017].
Alexey Anisimov – Electronic Presentation | Jamendo Music | Free Music Downloads (n.d.) Available from: < > [Accessed 17 August 2017].

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