Management of the Project 05

I still have to finish and upload the artefact video to Polycount, Artstation and Facebook, but it will not take me too much time.
I have been creating the slides for the presentation and I need to prepare my speech and practice in order to do it properly. The whole process of the presentation is taking me longer than I expected but I will have everything on time for sure.

I have been helping Nandor to get my projects properly migrated to his environment and tried to calm him down as he was getting very stress and a bit depressed. I have tried to help him as much as I can in order to motivate him so he can properly finish their tasks. I think he will be OK. I am a bit nervous about the presentation as I have very bad memory and doing it in English can be quite problematic for me by the moment as I am still stuck, trying to remember words or wanting to say things in a particular way. I hope all goes just fine and I do my best.


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