Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯9

Today I have continued the warrior character creating the belt, the gloves, the bracers and the shirt. In order to do the belt I used a cylinder and modelled it till I had the belt shape around the waist, then I have masked the form of the end of the belt to make the part where the buckle should be. I added some holes to the belt in order to give more realism. With the band of the belt finished I appended a cube, flattened it to get a plate and the using the Boolean process to extract a square from the interior of it in order to do the buckle. I have used another cube, this time stretched, to make the flap of the buckle. Then I used dinamesh and move to merge these 2 components and rounded its shape. I used move too to bring a bit outward the belt where the buckle sits.  To do the gloves and the shirt I used the edge loop technique and repeated the belt’s process to do the straps of the armband.



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